Penis in Hindi
Mostly used as a slang
Abuse to Sayantan: Lavde You Are Chutiya
by noobvishal September 24, 2019
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Hindi translation of Piss Off.
FullForm of jnl. Mostly Used As A Slang
Mukesh: I Am Reech Af
noobvishal: Jaa Na Lavde U Aren't
by noobvishal September 25, 2019
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Used in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu by native kannada and Tamil speakers. Means the same thing as it does in Hindi, i.e. "hair of the penis" aka pubic hair. Used as an exclamation of dissent. Sometimes to address a person who has pissed you off. (Hence the use of 'ka', to denote singular)
Not to be confused with the hindi phrase "lavde ke baal" which refers to public hair in the plural and not used as an expletive.

Alternate use on social media - LKB.
"Dei, lavde ka baal. "

Alt. "Dei, LKB"
by lucifer_007 June 18, 2023
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Someone who runs a puncture shop full time and is a goat zoo keeper in part time. Hobbies include spreading misinformation to discredit truth. Also someone who looks like a cheap 3rd copy of Hero Alom. His boss is a step son of Medusa.
Bhai ye Lavde ka fact checker Hai, is ki ammi ko julab hota h toh, tashrif se ulti ho rahi hai prove Karta hai.
by DushtaMaayavi March 13, 2022
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It is a term used by right wing for a alt news journalist Mohammed Zubair for his biased fact checking. Lavde means dick and you know what fact checker means. His tweets are hinduphobic and are used as an excuse to justify islamic propaganda.
Person 1: Hey, look lavde ka fact checker got arrested lol
Person 2: yeah he deserved it!
by Formaldehyde July 20, 2022
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When a guy is tryna fuck over another guy mostly a friend by humor

When your parents are around you joke about your brothers vape addiction and your brother goes
''Kay lavde loot kartoy rao bc''
by akdant July 4, 2022
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