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When the subject braces both arms (usually against the arms of a chair) and lifts ones arse in the air to create a fart with more force and power behind it.
Steve lifted his arse off the chair and let out a thunderous fart thus nearly launching himself into the air. launch pad fart arse butt
by korsion August 11, 2009
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When getting a chick from behind, condemless, and about to pull out, one rests his dick on the top of her ass crack and shoots his load into the air. A launch pad is truly successful when the jiz lands in her hair
i didn't want to get alyssa pregnant again so i pulled out and set up a launch pad
by goooooooooch7 November 15, 2009
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A place where u and friends hang out or pregame before u go out to the club/ bar or party.
Hey man where is the launch pad this weekend.
by Shaun L. October 26, 2008
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A professional driver with horrible luck regarding his vehicle. The individual is routinely subject to flat tires, broken axles, engine fires, etc through no fault of his own. Himself and any passengers always walk away from the catastrophe unscathed, however.
by meansparty August 27, 2010
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To grab onto someone else in order to expel gas.
Mikey used Scotty's arm as a launchpad for his huge fart he had to let go of.
by spuncealoo November 07, 2010
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1. a stupid person
2. a wack individual
I met this banging ass chick last night, but after talking to her I found out she was a fuckin launchpad.
by Seleezie May 10, 2004
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