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Laughlin is a lovely name given to sweet, caring and loving boys. there are many laughlins but the one i am describing is the ultimate laughlin. he is a beautiful person with a big heart and just him being there gives you strength and hope. if you feel you are strong, its only because of his presence in your life. he gives you a reason to smile because he is the one making you smile. He is a strong boy who can overcome anything because his heart is overflowing with love, sincerity and care. Laughlins are so stunning in appearance that their perfect girl, a Shereena, can't help but gaze at them all day long. He has beautiful milk chocolate eyes, a lovely smile and a muscular body which Shereena feels very safe in. Shereena's love everything about Laughlins and always will. Laughlin is a kind, gentle, very intelligent and humble boy who everyone chooses to go to for advice and to enjoy his delightful company. One word sums Laughlin up and that is Laughlinperfectified.
girl 1: he is soo kind and gorgeous! who is he?
girl 2: his name is Laughlin and he's shereena's boyfriend!
girl 1: she's so lucky to have him
shereena enters: trust me... i know right, the luckiest... he's a perfect honey!
by hugsgalore July 01, 2010

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a word used to describe a person whose huggability profoundly exceeds normal levels of huggability displayed by individuals from the world population. This individual should be automatically showered in hugs:)
Daymon: honey, I'm heading off to sleep baby
Winnie: wait... can i just say your the most huggalicious person in the world:)
Daymon: aw thank you baby.
Winnie: sweet dreams...
by hugsgalore June 30, 2010

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