To love someone or something x much, where x can be any quantity.
I lx my Pu.
by Parker Hawk August 20, 2017
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A good person. Has a true appreciation for office supplies and lives very far away.
The Pilot V Razor Point really is the perfect pen! No way! Is the great pen hunt over? Probably not for LXS, a true connoisseur of fine writing implements.
by Chompipe Divertido December 24, 2004
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In theatre, an initialism for "Lights." Typically called by the stage manager with a number denoting the cue number to be executed by the lighting board op.
Stage Manager: Stand by LX 34 through 38.

Board Op: Standing by.

Stage Manager: LX34 go.

Board Op (after the cue's fade time is over): Complete.
by freyyr March 2, 2010
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- A short way of spelling the name Alexis
- A girls name
by LxS October 31, 2003
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Pretty much the "fetch" in Mean Girls in replacement of "xo" or something else slightly more normal (despite however much cringe-worthy).

Basically what dweebs say because they're trying to make up a new abbreviation that will never be cool because,

a) They're the only ones saying it.
b) No one knows what it means.
"Ur shit
Love u
Lx", random post to a friend on Facebook that is both meaningless and dim-wittingly pointless.
by grinching November 24, 2010
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Text-messaging abbreviation for "linguistics".
y r u l8 4 lx class?
by gloss February 16, 2010
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