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Lathan's are tend to be shy when they don't know you, but once a Lathan knows you, you guys are technically siblings. Lathan's are outgoing, kind, and very intelligent. However, don't get on there bad side because they won't take anyone's shit so be careful to mess with them.
"I wish I could be a Lathan right at this point."
by Dueyy March 15, 2017
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A wild lathan is caught in the lathan forest and smiles big
omg its a Lathan
via giphy
by A BIG FAT WORD December 19, 2018
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A sexy man who is a natural man at everything he does. A man with a caring, compassionate attitude and takes the breath of every woman and gay he meets. A Lathan is strong, attractive, and ripped.
Man, I wish I could be a Lathan! Look at all those girls flirting around him. He is one hot guy!
by That_One_Hottie May 03, 2017
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When you guys first meet, he will barely say anything to you. But as you guys progress in the friendship, he will talk to you more and more and start to look forward to the time he could start a conversation. He will eventually like you so much he’ll ask you on a date, but will do it subtly so Incase you reject him, he won’t be that hurt. When you are together he will share everything he can and take every chance he can to get to talk to you. If you find a Lathan in your life, keep him around
Friend one: Hey are you and Lathan talking?
Friend two: Yeah we’ve been talking for a while and he asked me out yesterday.
by Meaning Maker October 14, 2018
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One with a very hard booty. If you are a Lathan your butt is as hard as a rock.
Dang, your butt is hard! You must be a lathan!
by JohnWallIsBad April 30, 2015
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Lathan is a very loyal friend. He super shy to talk to girls or anyone he don’t know but he just a chill dude and goes with the flow. He also likes to play around with people he comfortable with. He has a MASSIVE I mean GIGANTIC DICK. He don’t like to talk about it so don’t ask him. Also DON’T snitch on this dude like really he will get very VERY mad. He loves sports and are VERY good at them and at everything that he does. He loves to eat junk food don’t ask him for food.
He made that shot he must be a Lathan
He is so calm must be a Lathan
by Peter McCracken September 10, 2019
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Lathan is a name that just isn't a ordinary name it's a beautiful ship name of a Lauren and a Nathan. It is your common ship name that anyone does if their in a fandom
Friend 1 :

Guess what?!?!

Friend 2 : What?

Friend 1 : My new ship name for me and Nathan is Lathan.
by Haiii :) November 21, 2013
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