a common known nickname for the beautiful @danisnotonfire. Who is currently dating Phil, also know as @amazingphil on the platform youtube. Which, their ship name is "Phan"
OMG look it's a tall lesbian!
by Phan member #2675 January 02, 2015
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Also know as @danisnotonfire or @DanielHowell who is dating @amazingphil who make videos together on the social media platform YouTube. Their ship name is Phan and it's very real.
Oh my god is that a tall lesbian? Oh it's just Daniel Howell.
by amazingmay August 04, 2017
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Typically a nickname for Daniel Howell, previously known as danisnotonfire, Phil Lester's best friend/partner (we don't fucking know), famous youtuber and creator who actually put himself in this in first place, by calling himself the "tallest lesbian" in one of his videos.
"Omg Becky I just saw the tallest lesbian"
"Daniel Howell looks like a tall lesbian"
by Dan's Weinus August 04, 2018
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