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Anglicized version of "lambón" - a Dominican slang term meaning "one who licks", referring to freeloaders and tagalongs; the lambis is the one who orders an appetizer, only to ask for a bite of your entree later. The lambis also has a habit of inviting themselves to social events where they are not welcome.

Plural: Lambii (not lambises, as is popularly believed)
"John was not invited to the potluck, precisely because he never brings a dish, but always helps himself to generous portions of a wide variety of dishes, as he did today. What a Grade A lambis!"

"Mary, in classic lambis fashion, asked several of her friends for a taste of their confections when they went to Dylan's Candy Bar, having purchased none herself."
by Recalcitrant Blogger November 03, 2012
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The English version of the Spanish term Lambon. Meaning a freeloader, usually associated with a person who does something intentionally but acts like they didn't.
Let's say Tom, the uncool kid decides drink-and at the end of the night he's acting a fool.

"Hey I know you were drinking but why are you rolling on the floor of the parking lot?"
and he responds, "what? what are you talking about? I'm not drunk i was sober the whole time, i was just acting as if i was drunk to call attention to myself."

"Yo you're such a lambis, dude."
by Eileen D. June 17, 2008
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lambi means Look At My Buddy Info. This is a brand new chat definition.
"i changed it lambi"
by Chips N Salsa77 August 24, 2007
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