Popular Kenyan catchphrase commonly related to licking a lollipop. It has two distinct meanings tho':
1.Give some head.
2. Fuck off.
1. Kate leo amenilamba lolo( Kate gave me some head today)
2. We mzae ni mchoyo, lamba lolo( You guy you so selfish, fuck off)
by dirk lloyd July 4, 2018
The Word Come from a Kenyan Slang (sheng) which is popular among the youths it means to "go fuck yourself"/"Fuck off" in explicit Concept and Mind Mind your Business kind, or Get busy with something destructive like Lollypop.

In a layman's language it means to Leak a lollipop or give a blowjob
That chick Knows how to Lamba Lolo (she know how to give a blow Job)
The Senator Ali-Lamba Lolo (The senator was Fucked)
What will you tell your mates, Let them wa-Lambe lolo ( the friends will mind their business)
by arwanitoh March 20, 2018
Originated from Kenya, the phrase initially meant giving oral sex. The statement later became a catchphrase used all over to tease people or bring some cheer. Nothing more to it, its just really funny
Random guy: Can someone please show me how to cook 'ugali'?
other random guy: Lamba LoLo random guy 1
by juniperlee April 17, 2018
A famous phrase among Kenyans on the internet but nodoby knows what it means.
Peter; My wife just left me.

Josh; Lamba Lolo son

Peter; wtf does that mean?

Josh; don't know either, check urban dictionary.
by Farahutd March 22, 2018
This is kenyan slang used to describe perfoming oral sex on a woman specifically sucking the clitoris
John: Manze my girl just left me
Brayo: Ni kwa sababu ulikataa kulamba lolo, lamba lolo uone akikataa kukuwacha
by Johntemwas July 6, 2018
Famous Kenyan phrase which no one knows what it means sources say it means I love yoy
I Lamba Lolo you 😘
by rotista July 4, 2018