A socially awkward bitch who's basically mute, but once you get to know them they're crazy as shit. They kinda cute to lmao
Person 1: Who's that mute kid over there?
Person 2: Oh that's Lakin.
Person 1: They kinda cute tbh, but they to introverted for me
Person 2: Makes sense she mad shy
by L.akin_ October 28, 2018
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lakin is a very attractive guy and very sweet and understanding and listens to you when ever you need him and he is also very funny and is always down to hangout and whoever gets to date him is very lucky and he has gorgeous eyes and everything about him is perfect
lakin is super hot
by leigh29101 February 26, 2019
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Beautiful girl with glasses and HAZ NU BOOTEH. *dies*
Lakin is a chicken bwahbwahbwah

Lakin is a great person
by ZomBunBlah August 30, 2018
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A beautiful, cute, loving, nice, smart, and looks absolutely beautiful with glasses on.
Oh hey Lauren, u see that friend of your well hell shes so pretty and she’s my wonderwall. Oh yea her name is Lakin.
by Thad’s guy November 04, 2018
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A Lakin is very petty bitch. She only thinks about herself, she’s not caring if other people. She fights with anyone she can. If you see a Lakin don’t talk to her, it’s the BIGGEST mistake you’ll ever make..
Girl~ Shit..Lakin’s coming!

Lakin~Your Ugly!
Girl~And your trash!
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