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a girl who is very quiet until you get to know her. has a good sense of humour, a genuinely nice person, can be a bitch when she really wants to be. very attractive. loves to have a good time
by psycho chic March 09, 2009
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Laken is the Irish goddess of wisdom, beauty, grace, love, and outstanding physique. She is generally depicted as a young (looks 19, no matter what her age), insanely attractive girl with perfectly-styled, flowing red hair. Calling someone a "Laken" is considered to be a compliment of the utmost regard.

(see also: inland body of water)
When Laken walks by, men drool puddles, and then subsequently slip in those puddles and knock themselves unconscious.

"I'm just being a Laken."
by x10e3 March 15, 2009
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Someone who loves life. She is loud and obnoxious, but that doesn't matter...people love her anyways. She is someone who doesn't let what people say get to her. She is a very pretty person and cares about doing the right thing. She loves to stick up for her friends and is a genuinly nice person. By the way, she definetly is a grammar/spelling freak. She gets along with everyone and a lot of people are jealous of her.
Will you lakenize my paper, I think there are a lot of errors...

That girl is a Laken. She is super cool and I'm jealous.

"Wow, you're cool...more like 'Wow, you're an idiot'" what a laken thing to say
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Often refferred to as a girls name but is applicabe to any sex. Used to describe bravery, loyalty, or a warrior-like personality in a person. Generally a cunning, sharp-witted individual.
Dude, that person is such a laken.

Or i wish i was like laken.
by Imahitu May 06, 2017
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Short and sassy brunette, that can be tough to handle and there is only one man who is able to! She should have been born a blonde! She is like a tootsie pop...hard on the outside but soft on the inside! She is a sarcastic lil' thing but you can't let what she says hurt your feelings! Even though she only 4'11" she can handle anything you throw at her! The term "Great things come in small packages" definatley applies to her!
Wow, that girl is a real Laken!
by fIrEcRaCkEr2008 February 19, 2009
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Insanely Sexy Blonde Chick a guy wants to bone hardcore..
Wow that blonde chick is such a Laken!
by Laken Hope October 06, 2004
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