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A gorgeous doll of a girl. Sweet and pretty. She's a little crazy but that what makes you love her. She knows everything, and knows it. No matter how sweet she can be if you cross her the wrong way she can be a huge bitch. She doesnt always mean to be, but in the end it always leaves you wanting to be on her good side. She's unbelievably awesome and hot, and always leaves you wanting more.
Example 1:

Boy1- Did you see Lahela today/
Boy 2- hell yea, she was looking pretty fine today
Boy 1- She's freakin hilarious too

Example 2:
Girl 1- Hey what did you do to lahela?
Girl 2- I called her a slut, she so is.
Girl 1- Uhm no she's not. You only think that cause the guy you like likes her.
Girl 2- exactly why can't she be content with all the boys she's already got?
Girl 1- It's so not her fault. Plus she already told him that she didn't like him that way. That he should consider you. God youre stupid.
by last summer October 19, 2009
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A Lahela is a great friend and will always be by your side no matter what. She may come across as shy and maybe stuck up at first, but once you get to know her she is the craziest girl you have ever met. Lahela is very artistic, athletic, and intelligent. She is good at almost anything you can think of. A Lahela is not afraid to stand up for herself and for what we believes. If you get on her bad side you will regret it. She can destroy you in a heartbeat.
Bully- you suck Lahela

Lahela- *punches the dude in the face*
by Dogloverz4lifez June 02, 2018
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Lahela is a mix of things. She can be super sweet and she has a fabulous sense of humor, but she also has a dark side that you don't want to be on. She is stubborn, and isn't afraid to fight for what she beleives. Although Lahela isn't afraid to stand up for herself and people she loves and cares for, she tends to be very introverted and she prefers to spend her time alone and she will avoid social interaction if possible. She has a low self esteem and she likes to go unnoticed. But, Lahela has another side that only close friends and family witness, this is her talent in art and her creative mind set. She always has new ideas generating in her mind, she just has so many that it is impossible for her to follow through with all of them.
"Hmmm, what a Lahela."
by Dogloverz4lifez October 06, 2018
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An evil and Satanic person who will kill you in a heart beat
by Damienr January 16, 2018
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some fucked up bitch who is so totally cool and is hott and has a real wet pussy
Bill: hey lahela you look horny
lahela: want to GUS
Bill: hell ya i wanna Give U Some!
by thehornysexy1 March 15, 2009
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