Lady Luck is a westernized expression of the Roman goddess
of luck, Fortuna ( Fortuna is nearly identical to the Greek goddess Tyche.) Fortuna was the goddess of (good or bad).fortune and luck (good or bad) in Roman religion. Fortune's decisions in whether to provide good or bad luck in any given situation was a casting of lots (i.e. a gamble.) She might bring good or bad luck, who knows except the lot in her hand where it will land? Fortune was not percejved by the Romans as literally blind (for she must read the lot), her blindness was a metaphor... she herself did not know what fate she would make. Her predictions were built on whimsy. Yet in sculptures she sometimes was presented as blind or with a blindfold... as exemplified in contemporary depictions of Lady Justice.

Thus, the terminology "Lady Luck" refers primarily to the concept of not having certainty in a particular outcome, for Lady Luck (i.e. Fortuna) has already picked up another lot to be cast!
I hope Lady Luck is on my side when I go on stage tonight.

May Lady Luck provide you with good luck at your interview.
by Chadifsher2423 August 10, 2017
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Course, fate, fortune, or destiny.
It was Lady Luck that he won at the blackjack tables.
by Jodelle V. October 25, 2003
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A girl who is quick to have sex or give oral pleasure to anyone she meets.
"Last night, I was drivin' downtown and picked up a lady luck."
by Treble June 16, 2003
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I female in your life that you are very lucky to have and sometimes(not always)will bring you good luck. She is the love of your life and hard to be away from. When your not with her your luck is not to be found.
DBM: hey dude let\\\'s do something, im bored
MPO: sorry but i\\\'d much rather spend time with my lady, lady luck.
DBM: i wish i had a lady luck.
MPO: sorry what i was listening to Natalie. :)
by Snow DERRR October 10, 2006
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