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a stocky smooth talking individual with the demeanor of a Mack who can steal your woman by his smell, charm, confidence and by simply saying "hey". Also known As a player.
Girl, I can't stand ladarious.

I hate ladarious.

Oh, your talking to ladarious too?

Ladarious is so cocky.
by Jet Magazine December 19, 2016
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The blackest smelliest dirtiest ashiest human on the Earth, with 5 testicles. Simply put, Imagine an ethopian who was taught to use poop as shampoo and by shower i mean diherrea. An overall accumulation of 3 braincells with the reasoning ability of buttered toast with strawberry jam.
-"Damn, that dribblestein smells JUST like a Ladarious"
-"Dude, that Ladarious totally farted when we were in the middle of Festivities"
-"Nah dude, he just smells like that."
by Nelson Von Driblestein LXXV February 10, 2011
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