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A religion that supposedly embraces pain, and specifically its release through crying, as a means to move to a higher state of being.

This religion is supposedly practiced by all the members of the heavy metal group Tool, but since it is nearly impossible to find any writings about Lachrymology that aren't related to Tool, it is obvious that Lachrymology was a hoax made up by Tool.

Since several of Tool's songs attack the cult Scientology, it is likely that Lachrymology was made up as a satire of Scientology, especially since Tool has claimed that Scientology has drawn many followers away from Lachrymology.
Anyone who claims to practice Lachrymology is simply a Tool fan that hasn't put two and two together.
by RepelHistory October 03, 2005
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1. n. the study of crying 2. n. the belief that only through pain, both physical and emotional, can one grow and move on to a higher level of being.
Tool is one of the leading new heavy metal acts of the 90s. All four band members are Lachrymologists, and its influence is evident in the pained intensity of their music and lyrics.
by Ronald P. Vincent August 30, 2003
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the science of crying as a therapy.
The philosophy/religion known as Lachrymology, founded in the 1940s by Ronald P. Vincent. Lachrymology translates literally to "the study of crying". Advancement is through pain--emotional and physical
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
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A hoax invented by the Progressive rock band Tool, defined as the act of self realization and understanding through crying
Maynard Keenan is a 4th teir lachrymologist whereas adam jones has only realized the 3rd tier. Lachrymology
by Topless Ocelot January 26, 2009
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Study of crying; exploring both the physical and mental powers within...
by T-CHIX October 02, 2003
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