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It is really carbonara but bts jimin got being funny and has its own ascent.
Army 1: Lachimolala is the word my bias said.
by 스차라 is my waifu October 08, 2019
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Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
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It's a nonsense word. On their variety show, Run BTS, the BTS members were playing a game like telephone, where you have to read your teammates lips while wearing headphones that are blasting music. J-Hope was trying to mouth the word "carbonara" to Jimin, who read the now infamous word, LACHIMOLALA, to the final player, Jin. Despite getting the wrong "message" Jin saved the day with his genius ways and got the right, answer, "carbonara," to everyone's surprise.
Jimin said LACHIMOLALA instead of "carbonara."
by justacc2177 April 06, 2020
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Jimin's favourite phrase
It has no fixed definition
it just means.....LACHIMOLALA
by JIMINROX March 02, 2021
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lachimolala, the best word in the world from now on meaning "chimchim" because that HIS word and he may have meant to say carbonara but oh well lol, he is so cute.
V : hey lachimolala!

jimin: hey taetae!
by ur.sugardaddy_june15 March 15, 2021
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An attempt to repeat the word carbonara, but having said it incorrectly.
JHope: Carbonara
Jimin: Lachimolala
via giphy
by orangedonkey101 March 01, 2021
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