Tory-Lite. Founded 1997
Yeh, it's true, we're just fuckin tories, so what?
by Tony Blair April 26, 2005
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" The Labour " Expression used by older working class Dubliners for social welfare office known in years gone as the labour exchange
(Young person)Excuse me mam, can you tell me me where the social welfare office is ?
( Old dear) whaa sonny ? welfare ?
( old dear ) Ahh Jasus yis mean the labour !!!
take the next left.
by dekomiester July 9, 2009
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1) The only Party in the history of the United Kingdom to have single-handedly wrecked the economy. Twice. And started illegal war. Twice.
Elected into power in a landslide election in 1997, lead by Tony Blair, and then quickly set about laying waste to manufacturing. Went to war in 2001, the War on Terror (the first ever war to be waged upon an abstract noun), later followed by the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.
Pursued pseudo-Conservative policies interspersed with fantastical socialism, both of which usually end up failing.
Famed for woeful management of the country, and the economy. Work on the pretences of capitalist-friendliness, while overtaxing and regulating the private sector, and generally receiving dollops of hatred from business leaders.
Leaders have connections to Marxism (Alistair Darling) and Communism (Peter Mandelson), both of which condescending lecture the right wing press and business leaders on how to run the country.
Hell bent on achieving equality, even though to achieve such a thing would mean an end to aspiration and result in the ultimate downfall of the British economy.
Fighting the General Election of 2010 on the principles of fairness:- so long as you consider fairness to be a wrecked economy, no aspiration and authoritarian surveillance, social breakdown and short-sighted political gain. Have an irrational hatred of Conservatives and the rich
2) -ite: Perjorative term for an otherwise level headed individual.
You stupid Labourite! Go munch some lentils, ya hippie.
by TGPEG April 18, 2010
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The scum of the Earth who are now in charge in the UK.
Soon to be voted out because they are lying stupid bastards and traitors.
I see Labour are bringing the UK to its knees.

Don't worry they will be voted out soon because people can know a twat when they see one.
by Toby Morey May 19, 2008
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The Labour party (also called New labour) is a british political party currently in Charge of the United Kingdom.
The Most positive thing that the Labour party is remembered for is the creation of the NHS by Clement Attlee in the 1940's.
Currently the New labour party have seen and absolutley staggering fall in popularity after 10 years of mis-managment of the UK has caught up with them and the British public are begginning to relaise what they have done.
They are credited with a number of social problems currently ravaging the UK such as the term Broken Britain coined by the Sun Newspaper.
The Labour Party is also accused of corruption and has been plauged by scandals and attempts to smear their opponents.
Despite leaning towards the left of the political spectrum they have gladly followed the U.S.A into two wars despite the Armed forces being undermanned and ill equipped.
The labour party has faied to support our soldiers in Iraq and have turned their back on most of the principles of the labour party and stabbed all their supporters in the back.
by Dagill August 19, 2009
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n. (arch)
extinct british parliamentary party.
thought to have been morphed into the tory party with a different name (new labour) by tony blair and his fucked up accomplices.
by big_handles December 7, 2003
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A socialist political party currently in power in the United Kingdom. Known for quick-fix solutions and crap handling of the economy. Best prime minister so far was Clement Atlee who managed wo things in nearly six years- Beating Churchill out of government, and making the national health service.
The last Labour government under James Callaghan taxed @ 98% for any earnings over £100,000. A great way to get people to work for british business. Thankfully, it was reversed by good old Maggie Thacher
by Kung-fu Jesus July 8, 2004
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