A group of toffienosed wankers that I wouldn't throw my own faeces at if they was on fire, in fact, to be quite honest, I'd probably throw petrol at the Tory wankers since they're fucking torys.

Tory is the perfect insult to tell anyone because a tory doesn't get shit done and is a complete and utter wankstain.

Heres a chant (pls chant it)

TORY TORY TORY TORY TORY ARE ALL WANKERS (repeat) (change tone towards middle and end)

*disclaimer this is a joke, if anything happens to a tory after someone reads this I take no responsibility as I have stated above that it's meant for humour only, meant in good favour and I hope I made a torys day =)
The Tory wankers should hang themselves since the tory party is a bag of wank.
by Cumacumacuminacamelion March 05, 2018
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