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A group of public school (typically Eton) educated people deemed unfit for for mainstream employment, sent instead into politics when their wealthy parents realise they can't even tie their own shoelaces at the age of twenty one. Also known as the Conservative Party. Sociopathic liars by nature, they take great pleasure in victimising the poor and weak in society, while denying said people even exist. Funded by wealthy people and organisations with an aversion to paying tax, in order to preserve the status quo that allows them to avoid paying tax. Some of these wealthy people own newspapers which mainly old people read, these newspapers tell the old people to vote for the Tory Party, and this is the only reason they even exist. The Tory Party only likes wealthy old people but the newspapers will not tell them this. The Tory Party is destroying the National Health Service and the old people that are not wealthy will suffer, but the newspapers will not tell them this. The Tory Party speaks to the old people in short repetitive sentences known as sound bites, often referring to themselves with phrases such as strong and stable while making a complete shambles of running a country and selling public assets off to wealthy people at a reduced rate. A successful Tory Party member will retire when they have put enough money into the pockets of the wealthy people and will be rewarded by the wealthy people with a high salaried directorship, typically in the financial sector.
The Tory Party is funded by tax dodging billionaires to preserve the status quo that allows them to avoid paying tax.
by ash67 December 22, 2017
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portraying police in a positive or helpful light, when in reality they are the violent fascist tools of an authoritarian military state
β€œThat show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
by venediction May 27, 2020
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A group of toffienosed wankers that I wouldn't throw my own faeces at if they was on fire, in fact, to be quite honest, I'd probably throw petrol at the Tory wankers since they're fucking torys.

Tory is the perfect insult to tell anyone because a tory doesn't get shit done and is a complete and utter wankstain.

Heres a chant (pls chant it)

TORY TORY TORY TORY TORY ARE ALL WANKERS (repeat) (change tone towards middle and end)

*disclaimer this is a joke, if anything happens to a tory after someone reads this I take no responsibility as I have stated above that it's meant for humour only, meant in good favour and I hope I made a torys day =)
The Tory wankers should hang themselves since the tory party is a bag of wank.
via giphy
by Cumacumacuminacamelion May 09, 2018
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