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a very naughty boy who have a massive cock ,all girl are into him because of his face but be careful he can make you fall into him just by his charms by mimicking an ideal characteristics, that one imagines
Oh my god I heard you had sex with Labeeb
by PersianNameGod342 January 14, 2018
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someone who looks good and is intelligent aswell. Beauty with brains.
Labeeb's usually a name of a person.
by Moonytonks November 21, 2018
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an individual very lost in thought and direction. intelligent but confused at many high points of the day. overall, a person who follows the path of detour.
dude where did you go? that was such a Labeeb.
by abbassy<3 April 13, 2010
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Labeeb is a term normally used to describe a human being (which is also known as a name) as an intelligent, but a foolish person. It is a Persian name and is normally named to people who do such things as:
Getting to know information and prepare for it, but prepare for it in a superfluous way.
Get all A's but act like a retard while doing it.
Insult a person using their own words, while having that same logic being applied to you.
These are just a few of how a Labeeb works.
Hey Labeeb!
Hello, you fuckwot.
What did you get on the test?
I got an A and didn't even study!
Okay, well that was foolish.
Hey, at least I don't drive a Honda Civic trying to impress the ladies and the robotics professor.
You have the same car as mine......
by clearsky23 December 14, 2018
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