Mexican slang that literally means "the dick". Can be used to mean HellA. to compliment someone (the best) to B. Insult them. Or C. "Send them to hell". Mexican equivalent of telling someone to go to hell
A. "Buen trabajo hijo, tú eres la verga"
B. "Todavía no acabas?? Hijo de la verga!"
C. "Vete a la verga!"
by BigBrick December 31, 2016
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I can mean several things, good or bad.

It can show several emotions such as, happiness, anger, scaredness, just to name a few. Saying "A La Verga" by itself, not in a sentence, is kinda weird, it just translates to "to the dick"
Vete a la verga - Fuck outta here
Callate a la verga - Shut the fuck up
*car explodes*A LA VERGA - Holy fuck
Me gane un carro a la verga- I won a fucking car
Me vale verga - I dont give a fuck
Que te valga verga - Dont fucking worry about it
Me pelan(s) la verga - You guys aint shit compared to me
Te pasas de verga - You fuck around too much
by theewiseman October 19, 2018
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literally in English, it means "to the dick," but in when used in Spanish it means "oh fuck!" This can be used to express excitement, madness, panic, or happiness, among other emotions.
Elías is happy and excited that he won the lottery. He yelled, "A LA VERGA!!!! I just won the lottery!"

Melissa heard a loud noise in her kitchen one dark night. She said "A la verga!! What the fuck was that?"
by Sicario December 12, 2009
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when you send something to go fuck itself.....when you send it to hell......also vergacould mean dick.......
commonly used in mexico
pinche jorge vete a la verga guey....

me vale verga lo que hagas

tengo la verga bien grande
by Pistio October 13, 2007
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Issa word foo for when something cool or some big shit happens you kno what I mean ese
Foo #1 : Yo wassup carn, I was with my Heina yesterday and she ate the last of the tomales I had
Foo #2 : Ee A La Verga bro

Shout out to my homies in Vegas, the 505, New Mexico you feel me
by Your Local Neighborhood Ese December 1, 2020
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usually said with enthusiasm @ ones indignation, disgust, or surprise...spanish slang for dick
ps could be quite offensive to older hispanic peoples
(guy walks into an extremley busy work situation)

ghetto mexican- la verga! theres chingos of work way!
by boisei April 12, 2008
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chinga la verga buey olivate means fuck'em hes a dick man forget em
by E-Jae May 19, 2006
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