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When PVC finds the elundus core or some grease monkey puts "L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_" in text to speech.
"L_" sounds like "elundus core", this has become a running meme with the xQc fanbase.

"The Elundus Core was a 6.2-kilogram (14 lb) subcritical mass of a previously undiscovered isotope of plutonium measuring 89 millimeters and was previously held in Felix "xQc" Lengyel's basement. It now lives in the depths of yellowstone waiting to explode."

monkaW in chat boys.
Grease monkey donation kid: "L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_, 2? 2? 2? 2? 2? 2? 2? 2? 2? 2?, 777777777777777777777777
by hydra247 July 12, 2019
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