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an online acronym for laughing quite loudly; a sophisticated and classy alternative to the cliche and utterly simplistic "lol"
mr. mustache: i went to the supermarket to get some meat for my hamburgers! LOL!
mr. sideburn: yes, hefty grub that would satisfy the baser appetite.
mr. mustache: what about you dudee?
mr. sideburn: i prefer the nuanced flavors in my filet mignon. LQL
by samiyam18 June 20, 2011
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Laughing Quite Loudly. Occasionally used in in place of LOL by the 31337 Internet users. Also a common mistake since Q looks like O. It should never be typed as lql, only LQL.
Internet User 1: Want to go get something to eat IRL?

Internet User 2: d00d I just had lunch!!

Internet User 1:LQL
by John_Winthrop June 20, 2007
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Laughing Quite Loudly - a sophisticated version of lol (laughing out loud), used by the more refined users of the Internet.
Many hope LQL spreads out to hopefully replace LOL one day.
May be typed in either caps or non-caps, or a mixture of both.
Friend: Two elephants and a snake fell down a cliff...Ba-Dum. Tss.
Me: ...Oh! lql
by madameB March 11, 2011
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lql is a term derived by some cool guys who aren't Steve regarding the act of "laughing quietly loudly".
This is used in chat to emphasise humour.
Steve: "Isn't it "laughing quite loudly"?"
Cool guys: "No lql."
by -=FP=- Cool guy October 08, 2011
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a Little Quiet Laughter

A subtle alternative to LOL (laugh out loud).
What do you call some one who is positive he can cure your eyesight with magic? An Optimystic.

Okay, I get it. LQL
by wmo March 29, 2011
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