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The feeling of emptiness that follows the finale of the ABC series "LOST". Symptoms include using characters as your Facebook avatar for no reason, playing 4-8-15-16-23-42 on your weekly lottery tickets, eating imaginary peanut butter out of empty jars, employing phrases like "This is my destiny!" and "See ya in another life, brotha" in daily conversation - often with bad Scottish accents and out of context - and creating Urban Dictionary definitions for "LOSTalgia" as a means of coping with the loss.
Friend#1: "What's that you're listening to?"

Friend #2: "Geronimo Jackson."

Friend #1: "Feeling the LOSTalgia again, huh?"

Friend #2: (nods....cries a little) "

Friend# 1: ".....You really need to get a girlfriend."

Friend #2 (suddenly angry): "Do you know badly I want to kill you?"

Friend #1: "Uh...yeah....I'm gonna go now. Don't stay up too late."

Friend#2: "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

Friend #1: (walks away without another word)

Friend #2: (calls after him) We have to go back!
by big_baggins June 03, 2010
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the sensation that fills you when you see someone you were once immensely close to who is now a complete stranger - a person you once shared everything with, who knew you better than you knew yourself, who still holds what were once or may still be your deepest darkest fears and secrets, who only holds complete knowledge of a you that no longer exists; the feeling is all encompassing yet insignificant at the same time as you subconsciously relive all the experiences and memories you have with this person and you are reminded of all that they knew, or may still know, about you all in the span of both an instant and an eternity as you are filled with recognition and unfamiliarity of the person you've caught a glimpse of, who you also only know a non existent version of but have kept your secrets regardless as you have kept theirs and a connection has culminated from this unspoken agreement with a complete stranger
I saw my ex the other day and I felt so much lostalgia.
by 1304 October 08, 2017
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