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A word used by cool people to say that they are laughing, but they say it bitchy.
Girl: You are so ugly!
Boy: lolg...
by lolglilbishboy December 16, 2015
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Similar to LOLZ, meaning Laugh Out Loud Zebras but referring to giraffes because everyone knows that giraffes are SO much cooler than zebras.
>>and then the flowerpot fell on his head!
by squirrelz r rad May 10, 2009
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An abbreviation for Lovers Of Lady Gaga.

A group which was formed for everyone who loves or is a fan of lady gaga.
1. "I've been singing lovegame for 3 weeks straight, I think its about time for me to join LOLG."

2. "I can see you staring there from across the block with a smile on your mouth and your hand on your HUH! LOLG!"
by ladyLOLG August 06, 2009
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1. A funny log (lol+log=lolg), generally used to describe funny chat logs.
2. An abbreviation for Lovers of Lady Gaga, a horrible organization bent on lowering the average IQ of the world by making Lady Gaga famous.
3. Yet another variation on lol (laugh out loud). This is not nearly as popular as lol or lmfao.
1. (User was banned for this post ("Chat lolg." - Greeman))
2. I can't believe LOLG's evil plan is working.
3. OMG that is soooooooo funy LOLG!!!!1!!!111!!!11eleven!
by ASmellyOgre November 22, 2009
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