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1) LOL, JK - The 'textual communication' version of "Laughing Out Loud, Just Kidding". Popularly and incorrectly theorised to to actually mean "Laughing Out Loud, Joke"
1: Hey baby, here have a turn on COD... LOL jk, go back to the kitchen

2: gonna get drunkkkkkkkkkk this weekend!!!! LOL jk im muslim
by Deej13 May 13, 2010
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the newest facebook group fad, probably started by the group "hey baby, wanna turn on cod? LOL jk, get back to the kitchen."

it'll fade soon enough, just like all the turban groups did.
I'd take a bullet for you, LOL jk that would hurt.

I love you, LOL jk you're an ugly cunt.

Would you like salt and vinegar with your chips sir? LOL jk I'm Chinese, SOL VINGA?!
by Roxyblue May 11, 2010
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Something PewDiePie says when he gets caught doing something stupid. For regular people, it's used to express someone making a joke, then laughing and saying that they're kidding. It's usually a mean joke.
If I hear one more person on the Internet say "lol jk" after insulting me, I'm gonna scream!
by ThatLameGuy April 22, 2017
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Laughing out loud, joking

This is more of an intuitive conclusion to come to than the other popular meaning of loljk, 'laughing out loud, just kidding', because we phonetically read words before processing possible acronyms.
Look I found $10 in the street! I'm rich! Loljk I'm really poor and desperate for this money.
by loljker September 12, 2012
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