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"Love, Lust, Hate, and Disgust"

Pronunciation guide: "Luhd" (rhymes with "good").

The term developed from the original llah (meaning love, lust, and hate).

However, LLHD differs from LLAH in the sense that all four types of attraction to someone are included. This means the term is used in a stronger sense to LLAH.

It is used to describe mixed feelings for someone, and is usually used to show a situation in which a person is in a love-hate relationship with someone, but also a "lust-disgust" relationship.
The famous poem with LLHD in it:

"Do you think that I should, coz i'm lost in the woods, and here I am stood, asking myself whether i could, ask out that girl in the 'hood, coz she's a sexy hyena, but I don't know if itll do any good, coz i'm feeling so misunderstood, my feelings for her are so full of LLHD."

*We LLHD you.
*My LLHD for you is unreal, lets get jiggy.
*LLHDing is so sexual.
*There's bare LLHDage!
*LLHD yooo up yeahhhh! YEAH, LLDH yoo up! LLHD me up? SLUT you up mayte!
by Oliverthesexylegobrick March 24, 2008
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