A highly successful and prolific (if not mediocre) rapper with above average good looks and lip-licking skills (which solidify his largely female fan base) and baseline acting talent (that keeps him firmly in the media's lens at any given time). LL Cool J is an abbreviation of Ladies Love Cool James, the artist's real name being James Todd Smith. Recent whisphers about the 20 year veteran include plastic surgery (facelift and some body work), his marriage's many indiscretions (both involved parties), the declining quality of his lyrics (notably highlighted in a feud with the talented Cannibus) and recurring monetary feuds with his label, Def Jam.
by redgyul September 21, 2004
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according to all the hip hop magazines out there, he is one of the i.l.l.e.s.t rappers out there, but 99% of hip hop fans you will meet will tell you he is too mainstream
ll cool j is aiight, but he looks wack, and sounds like a monkey
by Q-Roc October 12, 2005
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an MC who was good back in the 80's but now his music sucks.

and he gots his ass beat in a beef with Kool Mo Dee.

no seriously.

he did.
LL: my raps dominate you Mo Dee

Kool: shut up bitch

LL: ok! please don't hurt me!!

Run: wow, LL Cool J just got murdered by Kool Moe Dee
by XKalibur December 09, 2006
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Origin: Rapper- LL COOL J
(1)A white kid acting as if they are black and/or acting as if they can actually rap.
(2)John Lince's brother, Jared Fonda.
Ex. (1) The 7th grader is white, and wears clothes similar to what a Harlem gang member would wear, yet he is a wimp. We call him : "LL Cool J".

Ex. (2) Jared Fonda wears tight muscle shirts, has a black swagger, and talks as if he is tough. Hence the nickname "LL Cool J".
by Brandon Brown March 21, 2005
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LL CoOl J originally the name of a famous rapper, and now used as a term to describe 3 specific people joined as one. The first L stands for Laura, the second L stands for Londyn, and the J stands for Julie. The word cool simply infers to the fact they rare the coolest people alive.
LL cOOl J we run these streeetss
Laura - addicted to cokaine.
Londyn - interested in collecting bee-hives.
Julie - obsessed with jock-straps
by Londyn December 23, 2004
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A rare desiese where you get pissed off for no reason, which eventually leads to you getting pissed at your own last name, which leads to you eating your own lips that taste strangley like French Onion Soup.

Worker 1: I haven't seen Rick at work for a while, where is he?

Worker 2: LL Cool J
by ChadBroChill234 April 17, 2007
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