(Not to be confused with its non-premium counterpart LGBTQ)

LGBTQ+ is the premium version of gay, it was launched a while ago for only $6.99/mo. These ameneties include:
No protests
Free Disney+ account
1,2k robux + frost dragon in adopt me
Light halo in royale high
A free ticket to paris.
Im LGBTQ+ i just bought it for $6.99. /j
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 April 20, 2021
What is LGBTQ+ mean? Is it like the premium version of gay?
by akidinthecloset October 21, 2020
A premium version of the normal LGBT, which gives exclusive access to all genders and pronouns
:Bro i just joined the LGBTQ+ community
:Thats sick bro, did they give you exclusive access to all genders and pronouns?
: Fuck yeah they did
by Mysterious Communist November 7, 2022
A among us code for people who cosplay as skittles
Did you guys put on the among us code LGBTQ+
by Hotdude69 January 20, 2022
the premium vertion of gay
"What is LGBTQ+! Like is it the premium vertion of gay?"
by simerboy November 16, 2021
Hey babe have you been able to get lgbtq+ yet I wanna upgrade to some freaky shit.
by PringleHULK November 23, 2021