L=Lesbian:A female who likes another female G=Gay:A male who likes another male B=Bisexual:A female/male who likes both female and male T=Transgender:When someone is given a gender while born they feel like they are the opposite gender Q=Questioning:When a female/male are wondering if they are part of the LGBT +=More (plus):More sexuality
I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community
by Loverbaby264 May 27, 2018
~Stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-gender, Queer, and more.

~People usually refer to it as "The LGBTQ+ Community"

~Used to show your Gender Sexuality

~These people are usually A M A Z I N G!!!!!


~Usually discriminated against by haters

by Holo_Queen2021 June 9, 2018
L lesbian

G gay

B bisexual

T transgender

Q queer

+ more
boy: that girl says she part of the lgbtq+ community
by josly.khidd May 9, 2018
The L means lesbian, lesbian is when a female is attracted to another female.
The G means gay, gay means a male is attracted to another male.
The B means bisexual, bisexual means someone is attracted to boys and girls.
The T means transgender, transgender means that someone wants to be the opposite sex.
The + means other sexualitys such as pansexual, that means you are attracted to anyone. A saying for pansexuals is “Hearts not Parts”
by I’m pan and proud April 7, 2019
The LGBTQ+ community is like normal humans. All the lgbtq+ people should not be treated differently for being themselves.

L-Lesbian or a woman liking another woman

G-Gay or a male liking another male

B-Bi, Bisexual or a male/female liking both males and females

T-Transgender or being born as male or female but feeling like you should be the opposite gender then you are born

Q-Questioning or wondering if your part of the LGBTQ+ community

+- Asexual, Gender-fluid, Non Binary, Queer and many more.

The LGBTQ+ community should be treated like normal human beings because they did nothing wrong but like the same gender or having different pronouns (They/Them, He/Him or She/ Her) and they are still normal humans.
Kid 1- What’s you Gender?
Kid 2- I’m non-binary

Kid 1- Whats that?
Kid 3- It’s part of the LGBTQ+ community
by 6school6 November 26, 2019
LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer/questioning. Anyone in the LGBTQ+ community deserves equal rights. If you cant stand that, fuck off. Everyone is equal and deserve the same rights as you.
Someone: I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community. Im a lesbian!
You: I respect that and hope that one day the entire world has LGBTQ+ rights!
Me: gay laser!
remember : the LGBTQ+ community is for the one that are not cis/straight and therefore a lack of something (wether it is sexual, romantic, gender wise) IS different from being cis/straight

L: lesbian (female liking female)
G : gay (male liking make but used for people that are attracted to the same gender)
B : bisexual (people attracted to two genders (non binary included))
T : transgender (people who are not the gender that has been assigned to them at birth)
Q : queer (related to the LGBTQ+ community, not cis or/and straight)
Q : questioning (someone who know they're are not cis/straight but are not sure yet of who they are)
A : asexual (someone not experiencing sexual attraction/drive) also called ace (aromantic is the same but romantically)
P : pansexual (people that are attracted to someone regardless of their gender)

NB : non binary (people neither man/woman , outside of the binary spectrum), gender neutral, genderless/agender can be associated with it.
Can go by they, or other new pronouns

A : allies (they're people that are cis/straight and supporting of the entire LGBTQ+ community)

You can also be a "combination" like panromantic (romantically attracted regardless of the gender) etc.

Keep in mind that these labels have been created because it's easier to define people that way, you don't always have to put these labels on yourself if you don't feel like it, and nobody has anything to say about it since it's still a personal, intimate choice.
person 1 : Hey! have you heard about the LGBTQ+ ? I think I am a part of them !

person 2 : Great ! a new step on your journey to the understanding of your identity ! Let me know of any changes I should be keeping in mind ! (such as dead names or new pronouns)
by kyrahle02 December 25, 2019