1) To walk, dragging one leg behind.
2) Used to describe someone generally very dim and/or disgusting.
1) He tends to leach quite a lot!
2) Eurgh, you're such a leach!
by Paulus123456 October 02, 2008
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Someone commonly confused as being like the creature "leech." Finally, a person who can seem like they just suck the life right outta ya.
1. Hey," Is that a leach? " No, its spelled leech, but yes."
2."Quit being a leach, or you'll turn into a leech!"
by Repsac eht yldneirf Tsohg February 03, 2018
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A girl that gets attached to a guy and blows him once and never stops sucking
by BAB05 July 26, 2017
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Those that stick around to commit acts in order to achieve (in their mind) a greater purpose .

They can quickly be sorted out if they look to not fit in.
I let em stick around because i knew he was a leach. And that theyd give up information valuable enough to keep listening to His garbil. (Leaches can only thrive through their failures and others success )
by Brazo233 January 29, 2018
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