Lesbian Bisexual Females. A variation of the LGBTQ+ community pertaining to gynosexual & gynosexual-autosexual individuals.
Amaka: Cypharr is not a queer or part of the LGBTQ+ community, he's a gynosexual look at his Facebook.
Lilith's Sister: Yes, he is a heterosexual-gynosexual
Lilith: He only dates & befriends LBF since don't watch him; I LOVE HIM TO WEE BITS
Lilith's Sister: LMFAO! Ditto!
by Cypharr July 09, 2018
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"How was work today? Awesome I got a LBF in with Lisa the accountant"
by MJM_LBF July 10, 2009
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"Lance Bass Faggot."
An acronym that pokes fun of the recent outing of Lance Bass, the deep-voiced member of the defunct boy band *nsync. This phrase is most commonly used as a joke among male friends, and can be compared to phrases like "fairy", "pansy", "fruitcake", or even "gaylord." Why just call your friend a "fag" when they can be an LBF?
Man, Pete is too chicken to go talk to that girl. What an LBF.

C'mon, dude, you can take another shot! What are you, an LBF or something?
by cooooolio August 18, 2006
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