Lens Buy Addiction. The extreme desire to purchase additional camera lenses for a camera body. Often just a "phase" that is triggered by a particular event, but that will pass with time.

Usually affects prosumer and professional photographers after purchasing a new camera.
"I think I'm suffering from LBA since buying that Pentax DSLR- which one should I get, the 50mm or the 77mm?"
by The Camera Man September 12, 2006
Lesbian By Association. When a straight girl hangs out with lesbians she might to seen as one too.
Have you seen that Tara chick? She's always hanging out with Christine and Sandy. I think she's only a LBA though because she has a boyfriend.
by CB4L December 1, 2007
Leave Britney Alone!!!

used to show that u are addicted to youtube and have no true sense of humor...
"Leave Britney alone!!!" -Chris Crocker

Tara- LBA *randomly*

Becca- Huh?

Tara- Leave Britney Alone. Ya know. youtube?

Becca- thats stupid. and random, but mostly stupid.
by Spyder Gurl August 30, 2008
LBA stands for Lazy Bumz Association and it is an association that supports lazy people. It was founded by two lazy Australians and is still amazingly running today. Characters such as Homer Simpsona and Garfield represent the LBA.
The LBA would support Homer Simpson because he is a lazy character that symbolises the principles of the Lazy Bumz Association.
by 2unknown7 September 2, 2006
LBA stands for Little Boy Ass. It is used as a description for a females ass which resembles a little boys'.

Widely seen in the asian community.
Used as a derogatory remark. (Not a compliment)
"That girl is hot."
"LBA, man."

"She's too LBA for me."

"That girls got an LBA."

"There are a lot of LBA's in the Asian community."
by calvinschools February 6, 2012
LeBron Basketball Association

Headline used by the on July 1st, 2010 by the Chicago Tribune referencing the public's and media's obsession over LeBron James's free agency which began on that date.
Me: Dude the NBA is gonna be the LBA until LeBron James signs a new deal

Ken: I know its unreal
by J RUS July 1, 2010
It’s an arabic expression means “best friends” but literally means “ two asses in one pants”
-yasta enta w ahmed shklko sohab awy
=aywa yasta ehna tezen fe lbas
by Apneysbs August 26, 2020