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A group of overweight ugly girls who attend Oakton high school and annoy everybody that goes there. Can be found by their fake blonde hair, ugly ass make-up, and fake tan in a can. They can be found on the weekends getting drunk by themselves because guys dont hang out with them. Also having sex with black men and trying to find new catch phrases to act like people give a shit about them. I hope all of you whores choke on jizz.
Yuska- "yo jerome how you doin?"
black man- "bitch suck my nuts"
Yuska- "aight playa hold on"
black man- "LACKEN girls are the shit nigga!"
by john Macenroe May 02, 2005
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considering their status as highschoolers, LACKEN is hardly a sorority, but if it were i suppose their philanthropy would involve generous giving to the head foundation. dumb sluts. all i can say is you girls provide tons of entertainment for the self-respecting females out there. i suppose if youre not making anything out of your life its never to late to become a shining example of what not to do, so for that- thanks ladies.
...hey sunlovinblonde, youre a brunette.
by a LACKEN fan May 03, 2005
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i'm not affilated with lacken, nor do i hang out with them but i do know the girls and have talked to them and yeah they drink, go out and like to have a good time, but who doesn't? as for the whore comments, 2 out of the whole group could be considered sluts, with caked on make-up. i'm not defending them i'm just clearing up what was written because it's written like it's about all of the girls when it could be narrowed down to 2 that make up the dirty part of lacken.
the majority of lacken isn't as slutty as people make them out to be, its the minorty of the group that is.
by oakton high school May 08, 2005
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the above description is quite ironic, because LACKEN is not even remotely hot...the girls are all beat and wear more damn make up then the dance team. They also fuck black guys named marcus, and mexicans named manuell, simply because white guys will not touch those std infested bitches. its rather funny, because they are going nowhere in life.
Kid: hey lacken, what you doin after class??
LACKEN: doin drugs and bangin greasy minotities!
Kid: hey lacken, what you doin after high school?
LACKEN: livin with my parents while gettin raped daily by my manager at burger king durin the day and beat by my alcoholic boyfriend at night!
by 2 pac May 01, 2005
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OK.. i dont usually be mean like this but i gotta say that lacken is absolutely disgusting. everytime me and my friends look at their webshots we wanna cry. all we say is "ewwwww!!!" . YOU LOOK LIKE A MAN!! you know who u are, they are dirty dirty dirty whores who cake on the CVS orange makeup and who smoke cigerettes like its their job. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! u smoke cigs! no one gives a shit and its fucken DISGUSTING! so pat yourself on the back for cancer. no one respects yall bc u walk around with shit out, stop frying your hair, stop wearing bad blush across your face, stop looking scary, stop fucking guys who graduated from Oakton like 3 years ago and now are attending NOVA wahoo!, and stop LACKEN bc it needs to end. i feel so sorry for u girls, but like the other person said. THANKS FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT! motherfuckers
i dont even need to put an example, everyone knows who they are and what the look like... this is so funny.. im sorry girls, but it is. Take this as an opportunity to change, b/c its needed and yall probably wouldnt have listend to us in any other way bc u wouldve thought we were "hating" on the LACKEN crew, well fuck that. you're ugly, PEACEE!!!
by president bush May 07, 2005
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LACKEN is a sorority at Oakton High School which is composed of some of the hottest senior girls. They are known for partying, drinking and smoking cigarettes. They are most likely the only girls in high school who buy and actually drink their own beer. You probably see them at every party you go to and they travel in groups of 5 or more. Each of their names makes up a letter in the word LACKEN. They are the "baddest" clique of high school girls around.
by ilovelacken April 28, 2005
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lacken: yo, im hard as shitt
Snob mob: okay, ill just hit you with my coach backpack you meanie!
by brad chamberlain May 05, 2005
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