Orginaly A meme Involving a bowl of Fruit Loops and a Cat on it's hind legs but now someone has added Chef Ramsey in to the meme
Brother may I have some of lööp?
by xbox360thesequal August 10, 2018
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The lööps are an ancient power made from the god "bröder". If you consume all the infinity lööps you will gain the strength of the bröder, you will also learn how to make lööps. The only way to find the lööps is to do the "lööp ritual" so the guardian of the lööps can come in to you home with the lööps.
How to make the ritual.
First you make a lööp out of lööps. Then you chant "Is the lööps ready, bröder" over and over again. If you do this every day during "no nut November" the guardian of the lööps will come on the first of destroy dick December and give you the lööps.
For the power to work you need to consume the lööps at exactly midnight.

If you consume the lööps before or after midnight you will become a lööp and you will be consumed by the lööp guardian. If the lööp guardian consumes you, you will enter a state of not living but not being dead ether. You will be a spectator of your own life, you will be able to think but you can not control your body. If you ask the lööp guardian nice he can let you go. If he lets you go you have to make the "lööp ritual" every day in the rest of your life, if you don't the lööp guardian will turn you into a lööp for the rest of your life.
If you want to read abode the lööp history go to lööp history.
Are the lööps ready bröder.
I need to consume the lööps.
give me the lööps
by The_lööp_guardian November 27, 2018
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Round objects of great interest to cats.
Do you have the lööps brother?
by Soemand September 22, 2018
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An other definition of nice/ or big ( or both) boobs. Used by memers.
Jeeesus, her lööps are so goddamn good
by Mengele1940 August 7, 2018
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the favorite food of the cât, it is verry yummy in he tummy
brøther, may i have some lööps?
by Illusions made by orang October 2, 2018
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a very rare and expensive food, it can only be tasted by cats and some of them ask for this delight.
"Bröther I want to have the fruity lööpÿ"

- Lööp loving cat
by IWantToGameEndMyself October 4, 2018
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