Smoking an L or blunt while walking. Generally considered to be a last resort as walking somehow manages to detract from your high. Likely a spin-off of L ride
I'm not tryin to waste any gas, you wanna L walk it?

by matty mcG January 22, 2007
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the opposite of J-walking. when when you crawl across the street without looking.
lurch had to L-walk across the street because he lost his mo-jo..
by kyle May 17, 2006
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when people use a walking. L they can refer to Vic Mensa. The biggest walking L from this year
He look that, a walking L over there
by Josbrecht October 09, 2018
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An individual that is consistently taking L's. A person who is losing in all departments of life.
Lol, Merlin is a walking L

You are just a walking L
by October 04, 2018
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