Doing some fucked up shit too somebody u supposed to be cool with
Your L mans for messing with my girl
by Yungdaggerdxck June 10, 2022
L man’s is to describe a persons actions towards a friend.
“Your and L mans for choosing to hang out with them instead of me.”
by A.dott November 20, 2021
he claims to be a vigilante but he's really just a terrorist he was meant to protect Abraham Lincoln but he failed

he also uses child soldiers and commits war crimes on the daily
by mrenyclopedia67465747 November 23, 2021
Someone who is untrustworthy, or Unreliable AKA. Joshua Griffey
Bro Josh played our Overwatch placement matches without me. "What an L-mans."
by LavyABigDub October 16, 2022
Not staying up to watch the movie, instead going to sleep
marcus didnt stay up to watch the movie so hes a L mans
by 42786493 September 9, 2022
An L "Friend" who does too much to impress their friends or the opposite gender.
Scene: The "L MANS", Tre and a group of girl
L Mans: Ayo Tre didn't you ask me for a dollar yesterday because you were a dollar off!
Tre: is an L Mans
by HarrietTubman'sduaghta May 18, 2022
Type of thing you called someone named Nicolas, cause they all suck, they just not for the team
by jjfivefive March 4, 2022