Doing some fucked up shit too somebody u supposed to be cool with
Your L mans for messing with my girl
by Yungdaggerdxck June 10, 2022
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L man’s is to describe a persons actions towards a friend.
“Your and L mans for choosing to hang out with them instead of me.”
by A.dott November 20, 2021
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Someone who is untrustworthy, or Unreliable AKA. Joshua Griffey
Bro Josh played our Overwatch placement matches without me. "What an L-mans."
by LavyABigDub October 16, 2022
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Not staying up to watch the movie, instead going to sleep
marcus didnt stay up to watch the movie so hes a L mans
by 42786493 September 9, 2022
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An L "Friend" who does too much to impress their friends or the opposite gender.
Scene: The "L MANS", Tre and a group of girl
L Mans: Ayo Tre didn't you ask me for a dollar yesterday because you were a dollar off!
Tre: is an L Mans
by HarrietTubman'sduaghta May 18, 2022
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he claims to be a vigilante but he's really just a terrorist he was meant to protect Abraham Lincoln but he failed

he also uses child soldiers and commits war crimes on the daily
by mrenyclopedia67465747 November 23, 2021
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Type of thing you called someone named Nicolas, cause they all suck, they just not for the team
by jjfivefive March 4, 2022
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