an old lincoln towncar from the late 70s to mid 80s
i had 5 hoes in the back of my L dog last night
by chrispychops September 17, 2012
Mountain of a man, big epic, can destroy pedophiles with only a stare from his epic gaze.
Friend 1: You hear about Bill Cosby being launched into the sun?
Friend 2: Yeah wasn't that L-Dog?
Friend 1: Yeah, big unit.
by Epikkun December 29, 2020
An rapper or DJ who records and remixes his own tapes/tracks within his parents basement.
Guy1: Brad is always in his moms basement remixing songs.
Guy2: Yea, thinks he's gonna get famous. What an L-Dog
by My name is what? June 10, 2013
man 1: hey have you heard of the cuck known by L dog gaming
man 2: no
by red_apple322 January 8, 2022