The hottest babe you will ever meet. she will blow your mind! She is amazing! funny smart athletic kind caring smart beautiful.
Dude! did you see that girl?" "Yea. Shes definatly a Kylie." " No doubt!
by THE HOT BABE! June 13, 2010
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The Most Amazing Girl You Will Ever Meet. She Is Very Outgoing And Loves To Hang Out With Friends. She Will Always Be Their For Her Friends No Matter What. She Is Very Athletic And Caring. She Will Try New Things, Even If She Knows Its Wrong. She Will Never Mis-Judge Anybody. She Is Very Popular And Has Alot Of Friends. She Walks Around School Giving Everybody That One "Glare" But As Soon As You Get To Meet Her, You Will Love Her. If You Dont Have A Kylie In Your Life, I Would Suggest You Get One Soon. (:
"Kylie Is The Most Amazing Friend Ever!" Said Rylee DeHaven.
by i love you so much April 08, 2011
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Many people define her as awkward and weird but it’s what makes her who she is. Everyone gets along with her well and she is super laid back. She is never in drama but when she is she will be the one with the last say. She cuses all the time and May be a bit violent. On the outside she puts on a smile but really she just wants to make sure no one worries about her. She wants to put people first. She is one of the most prettiest, smartest and funniest girl you will ever meet
Idek what to put sooo
by Maybe so? November 24, 2018
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she is a good actually the best sis ever so to all the haters dont say mean stuff
wow that girl is a great sis she must be a kylie
by TexleeNator April 27, 2017
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She loves to help other people with their problems but hates when people try to help her. She is insecure about a lot of things but doesn't show it. She is drop dead gorgeous but doesn't like to think so. If you do something to piss her off she doesn't forget. When she gets in an argument she always has something to back it up and usually never looses. Is very competitive when it comes to thanks and hate when looses. She falls for guys that you wouldn't think she would. But in the end if a Kylie walks into your life try to keep her there as long as possible and never let her go.
Guy 1: She is drop dead gorgeous
Guy 2: I know but she won't admit it
Guy 3: She doesn't like either of you though because of what you did she will never forget
Guy 1 and 2: Yep she's a Kylie
by billybob121315 November 16, 2018
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Kylie is a girl with a heart so kind and caring. She is extremely shy when she's around new people. She's smart and cute. She is very angelic with a very nice personality. She is quiet most of times and is very mature for her age.

She is a good listener and stays by her friends' side. She sticks up for them and protects them. She has a very beautiful voice and is not very athlentic. She is rarely bold with her actions and likes to surprise people with her new sides.
If you know a Kylie, you're lucky.

Friend: Kylie got angry for the first time.

Me: What? That good girl KYLIE?!

Friend: Yeah.


Girl 1: I saw Kylie yesterday. She was picking up a stray cat.

Girl 2: Aww, such a caring girl..
by anongurl June 22, 2011
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One of the prettiest girls you will ever know. Tall beautiful with light, golden brown hair and warm hazel eyes. very energetic and fun love loving she is playful and fun to hang around. Always cheerful, Kylie can make any day seem wonderful no matter how bad it is. she thinks that no one likes her and tries to cover up her true self which does not let her reach her full potential. her one and only flaw is that she does not realize the traits that make her such a great friend.
Kylie is awesome
by TheUrbanLaxer April 26, 2011
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