A useless item. Something completely broken. Also not able to be fixed under any circumstances.
John: hey man I bought this new motor the other day and the gas tank is a 46 gallon fish tank man!

Bill: sounds pretty gay if you ask me.

John: shut up you couldnt afford it dude youre as broke as kyles dads knees.

Bill: yeah man i guess ur right.
by RickyRips January 31, 2018
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He was a substitute in our highschool for many years. His name was Mr. Reid but he looks like Kyle so that is how he got the name. After the first time he accepted the fact that he was Kyle's father. But on October, 15 he left our school for Huston, Texas. He will be greatly missed.
"Hi Mr. Kyle's Dad"

"Hi Kyle's friends"
by Fbi_Van October 16, 2019
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This is something that is not real. It's left when Kyle was 2.
"Hey whats something thats fake"
"Kyles Dad"
by BOFA Research FoundationTM October 3, 2018
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