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The curly haired bad bitch, but she she's very humble. She has a very small circle of friends, though she's cool with many people. She has a dumb sense of humor but she manages to make almost anyone laugh
"Yo I really like that girl Kyia"
by Getlikekyia January 04, 2017
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Kyia is the curly headed thicc girl in the school all the boys gotta stop and stare when it come to her.she may be mean at times but she will always be there for you!And i know from experience
Yooo kyia is thicc and pretty im getting with her
by DRE GETS GIRLS June 30, 2018
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Girl who loves people more than they know. Someone who is honest and trustworthy. She’s a very pretty girl that some people can’t resist. She’s a true friend with a small group of friends. She has a good style. Loves God. Scared that she will lose people she loves and to move on from stuff. She wants everyone to love her but not everyone does. She’s sweet and when you get to know her she’s funny. She is someone you don’t want to lose!
Kyia is so honest and love able!
by KyiaD March 07, 2019
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, the one that you do not want to like, but can not stop loving because she is so perfect. The one that literally makes you doubt yourself i everything you do, and seriously makes your brain malfunction. The one you are so afraid to mess something up that you either come on too strong or just try to forget about her.
"Bro this girl drives me literally insane but at the same time I love it."
"Is it Kyia?"
"You already know it."
by Moaning Lisa December 04, 2017
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A girl who’s curly headed and is thick she plays volleyball and has a great sense of humour her if she calls u her friends be thankful
Dang look at kyia im asking her out”
Guess what kyia said we’re friends”
by Cute gurl November 23, 2018
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Kyia is the best girl ever shes cute pretty and funny but sometimes she can be a pain in the butt, she is a great friend to any one!
via giphy
by cool boy57 February 27, 2017
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The best sister ever ! shes so sweet and kind , and she seems innocent but shes wack ! She also can play around to much but at the end of the day everything is good !
" who's that ? " " my awesome sister kyia ! "
by Karleto000 January 30, 2019
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