Kyara is a stunning young lady. With gorgeous eyes and a beautiful, contagious smile, she never fails to catch the eyes of every guy she walks by. Weird at times, she has a soft heart, and brightens up every room she walks into. When complimented, she gets embarrassed and blushes, but that just makes her even more adorable. She's not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. She's one of those rare, genuine girls that you never find, and when you do, you feel completely drawn to her and everything about her.
Kyara is so beautiful, any guy would be lucky to have her.
"Oh Kyara? She must be pretty." "Yes, she sure is."
by jsiwbzjaa September 19, 2013
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Kyara is a fine young lady. She likes to eat alot. She has a nice ass and pretty eyes. Rude at times , but has a very sweet side. Beautiful on both the outside and inside. Crazy at times if someone tries her. Any boy would be lucky to have a Kyara. She's beautiful and very funny and has a nice body. At first she quiet but when you get to know her she loud and talkative.
by damo mills March 31, 2017
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Kyara is a girl with a rocking body and sexiest shape: ass, boobs, curves and thighs. She is a gorgeous girl with a contagious smile, all attention from both genders draw to her as she walks in the room . Both genders are into her. You can tell her anything without judgement, Kyara is an intelligent young woman who comes off as a “bad ass” she is a loving caring person to the people she loves deeply
Wow that Kyara is gorgeous
by GoofyGary December 6, 2017
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Kyara is a sexy, beautiful ad stunning young lady with big boobs, slim waist, thick thighs, big ass and lots of curves. both genders are attracted to her and never fails to catch the eyes of everyone she walks past. Kyara is a mysterious girl who ha a smile that is contagious. her bright eyes tell a story themselves and you could get lost in them. as weird and bad ass as she is, she is very forgiving (sometimes TOO forgiving) and she is the type of person to always give you another chance. when complimented she goes speechless and blushes but that just makes her more adorable. she is a rare, genuine, loyal girl that is hard to find but when you do, you feel completely draw to her and her personality. Kyara thinks she is fat and unattractive but she doesn't really understand how gorgeous she is. Kyara is the type of girl that doesn't settle for "cute". she enjoys "outstanding", "gorgeous" and more. you can tell her anything without any judgement. she is very intelligent even though she makes herself seem and feel dumb. it doesn't get much better than a Kyara so if you find one, dont let her go
guy 1: i really need a wifey chick
guy 2: get yourself a kyara
by goofygoobers June 13, 2018
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Kyara is a very beautiful girl. She has the most beautiful smile ever. She lights up any room she walks into. Kyara is a really good friend. You can tell her anything without judgment. Kyara is a very intelligent girl. She comes off as a "good" girl but once you get to know her its a different story. Both genders are into her. She had the sexiest shape ever. Thick thighs, fat ass and beautiful curves. Kyara has really nice ass! Now you cant touch it without permission. If you wanna find you a keeper find you a Kyara. :))
Person 1: I really need a wifey type chick.
Person 2: Find you a Kyara!
by numberonefazecash October 21, 2016
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tha sweetest of them all. Goes 2 p.e.c. a rapper and a & b student. Pimpin 4 real
Kyara is dang sweet!
by Kyara April 10, 2003
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Kyara is the most amazing person you will ever meet! She is thoughtful, caring, and pretty inside and out whether she thinks it or not. She has the most amazing personality and everyone wants to be around her.
People who are desperate tend to follow her around which annoys her but she rather not say because she is too kind. Those who are friends with her truly have something special because a friendship with a Kyara is one of the most valuable thing on the planet
Idiot: I don’t have any friends who accept me
Man:you should be friends with a Kyara, they are so caring and accepting
Idiot: Thanks man! I sure will
by Me_is_I June 9, 2019
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