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The Korean version of a weeb. An non-Korean who is an extreme fan of Korean culture, including but not limited to: kdrama, kpop, manhwa, and korean food. They will most likely integrate Korean phrases such as "annyeonghaseyo" into their everyday speech.

Also known as a k-weeb, Koreanophile or a Korean Wannabe.
Person 1: Annyeonghaseyo, Joe!! You're my oppa!! Saranghae!! >//<
Person 2: Man, you are such a kweeb.
by MeNaK July 08, 2016
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A moderately insulting term to describe a person who is obsessed with South Korean culture; primarily their entertainment industries. Books, movies, shows, music etc.
Derived and insipired from its Japanese equivalent 'weeb' (short for 'weeaboo').
"She has an unhealthy fascination for Korean dramas, leading me to believe she's nothing more than a filthy Kweeb."
by Kazaminator November 02, 2017
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Kweebing originates from 'kweebo' which is best defined to be a retarded person. It is not desirable to be a kweebo or a kweeb, however other variations may include, but are not limited to: to be kweebed/kweebed out is to be high on marijuana, to be kweebin is to act in a way that might seem peculiar to others due mostly to excitement or just your own strangeness, to kweeb is to make a mistake.
Dun.....I'm kweebin.
by Kweeb On Ya June 12, 2011
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