An anime/manga slang term for a character that is cold, blunt, cynical, and pretty much doesn't care if her beloved dies. That's what she is on the outside but she is actually caring and nice on the inside.

Differs from tsundere since tsundere is when the character frequently runs hot and cold between tsun and dere. Kuudere is when the character only occasionally shows her caring side.
by Yuno August 10, 2009
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Usually used in the otaku fandom as a character who is cold and closes themself from conversations or society. They usually show no emotion. Over time they open up and get out of their shell.
The kuudere talked to nobody and showed no emotion whatsoever.
by Bella_Lauren July 3, 2018
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The japanese word referring someone who seems cold and emotion less but is really caring and over the heels for some they love. The closest english word to kuudere is stoic
Kanade from Angel Beats is a kuudere
by tryst_69 January 8, 2021
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A person, (usually an anime character, although in some cases, such as myself, is used for real people) who keeps to his or her self. Even if you are family he or she won't let you see them cry, or show any emotion. This doesn't mean he/she doesn't care, she/he does not want to lose you and thinks that showing his/her true personality will make you think they are too talkative or weak. They also are a natural introvert, for that reason. If you stay heartwarming, while he/she starts letting their other side slip. Also, don't be afraid of them, they may seem scary, but that isn't truly who they are. If they dislike you, you would know by now. If you know someone who is very secertive of thier past, they are a kuudere
Oh, her. She's a kuudere, don't expect too much.
by Thekuudere May 22, 2019
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Very similar to the tsundere except subtler. A kuudere acts relatively aloof and emotionless (instead of overtly hostile) but likes you more than what they show. They’re more likely to merely be uncomfortable about being too vulnerable or seeming weak than resenting you, though it’s not uncommon for them to also feel that they’re too good for you. They also may or may not become sweeter and more vulnerable as the relationship continues, depending on the health of the relationship. The true extent of their love may or may not be obvious to anyone else, but in fiction it tends to be, whereas in real life it tends not to be.
Kuudere” is a combination of two Japanese terms: “kūru” (calm), and “dere-dere“ (to be lovey-dovey). The kuudere is a popular character trope in anime.
by IntrospectiveLiz March 10, 2021
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