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A person, (usually an anime character, although in some cases, such as myself, is used for real people) who keeps to his or her self. Even if you are family he or she won't let you see them cry, or show any emotion. This doesn't mean he/she doesn't care, she/he does not want to lose you and thinks that showing his/her true personality will make you think they are too talkative or weak. They also are a natural introvert, for that reason. If you stay heartwarming, while he/she starts letting their other side slip. Also, don't be afraid of them, they may seem scary, but that isn't truly who they are. If they dislike you, you would know by now. If you know someone who is very secertive of thier past, they are a kuudere
Oh, her. She's a kuudere, don't expect too much.
by Thekuudere May 22, 2019
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