Adj. A way to describe a girl that is extremely unattractive.
Guy 1: Yo did you see that girl the other day?

Guy 2: Yea bro that bitch was pure krust. ewwwww!
by wikiwikiwiki123 July 22, 2009
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A bad thing. Shows huge disguist in a subject. A way of disrepecting a source in a respectful way.
That is so Randal Goins.

wei is krust
by Brian and David December 28, 2004
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pounding on drums while high on marijuana
That punk gang of musicians is really into black krust.
by MinistryOfDEW November 9, 2019
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King Krust is a commonly used nickname for crusty people
by Shadow..... December 22, 2018
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something that is so krust that there isn't any other way to explain.
"damn he a little nigger krust"

"nigger krust is nothing but a little bit of nigger must"
by xxfeetxx June 10, 2019
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Noun (past tense) To be crazy busted, (cr)usted, krusted.To be caught by bouncers, cops or renta-cops doing something that you shouldn't be doing. In a situation where you can potentially be crusted it is always wise to have a friend illch for you.
Bouncer: You, come with me.
Krustee: Damn. Krusted. How come you didn't say ilch?
Friend: Didn't see him. Later man.
by ReeceKC November 1, 2007
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