A term that means the same as crap or shit. Also, can be used when calling someone a Peice of Crap/Shit.
Oi, Krite.
You're a Krite, Stupid!
Heh, he looks like a Krite!
by A.T.Tsalazar July 26, 2006
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a mix between krunk and tight
"This jam is so f**kin krite I can't even see straight"
by Robert Po April 29, 2008
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this is a sanskrit originated word which means 'creation' it is used for works of artists and authors and this people are usually career oriented,,person born with name kritee are with honest and nothing else
I think you are the Kritee of my life.
by Aman rawte June 05, 2019
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Kritee is caring ,sweet and one of the bestest friends you'll ever have .
Most of all she's a super good listener and very understanding ❤️
Kritee is the brightest light that will ever shine
by Is_scream June 23, 2021
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