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Usually a male, Krims are fond of non-contemporary sexual positions. Generally regarded as sexual savants, Krims are regarded as delicacies among women. To engage with a Krim is a popular selection among the sexual bucket-list of women worldwide.
My friend strolled into a bar and met a Krim. She went home with him and had an orgasm so intense that she hasn't been able to achieve one since.
by Samuel Woodly August 20, 2013
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Krim: a portmanteau of "Rim the K-Hole."

A state of ketamine intoxication wherein the user approaches and gets close to, but does not fall into, the K-hole. The specific level of disassociation where the user is still semi-capable of simple tasks such as talking, dancing, or kuddling but still incredibly high.

See krimming.
1. She decided to krim as to avoid complete disassociation from reality.
2. Do you even krim, bro?
3. Take what you need, don't do the pile, and you're likely to krim.
by Komplikator May 26, 2014
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