The nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's smart funny and has a sense of humor. He is amazing at Rocket League and enjoys improv.
Guy: Hey is that Kovi?
Guy: Yeah he just one that game of Rocket League!
Guy: Such a cool guy!
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The most handsome guy you'll meet, he's smart, funny, and is an amazing person.
"Who's that cutie on the bike?"

"That's Kovi."
by MimiTheUnderrated April 25, 2020
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Kovi is a wild animal found in Greenville, PA. A wild Kovi should never be woke, underfed, or sober, as it will become angry and attack anything within reach.
Whoa! Did you see that Kovi by the river?
by amk2376 December 1, 2011
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Kovy a cute charming boy who is loyal and will spoil you

A: is that the new kid kovy?
B: yea he's hot
A: I think that was the new kid?
B: it was ,why?
A: he's cute😍😻
B: nah he anit my type but if you like him I support you!💀
Kovy: a cute charming boy who is loyal and will spoil you
by Heyitsalexa March 10, 2018
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kovi is a big chad, cool male, sigma male and overall cool dude

he thinks that Tomas is cool and Janci sucks deez nuts, gottem
me: "kovi you are cool"

kovi: "i know"
by pogchampino12 November 27, 2021
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green day are kovi people not constipated over wated out of stile loser but cool,nice or smart.
green day is kovi adj.
by katz alan kovi May 13, 2006
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Usually a bit crazy. Loves food. music. very sensual. real funny. sarcastic. Kinda hippie-ish once you get to know her. Strong willed and independent but hates being alone. Very pretty, nice, kinda careless, confusing at times and acts more on impulse. Has her up and downs sometimes. Sweet if she likes you. Likes to make you feel good. If she hates you she really REALLY hates you a lot and might try to kill you but if she says she loves you she means it. Can get carried away in her beliefs and stuff she is interested in. Doesn't care about what other people say or think, goes her own way on stuff when she doesn't agree with others. Smarter than most people. Really gets to her when you show you care about her. Most amazing girl I have met. ever. Catch her if ya can.
Look! Kovis is so damn cool
by twinkle rising star November 22, 2021
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