A show that causes one to have extreme, irrational emotions.
Also quite an addictive substance that can cause girls to break up with their boyfriends, mostly from disappointment, and lack of hand holding. Also a leading cause of sleepless nights. Growling stomachs also occur due to food porn.
EX 1) "Handsome dude crying on Korean Drama"
Girl: Sobbing...
Boyfriend sitting next to her:...Sobbing also.

Ex 2) Girl: Sleeping
Teacher: Calling Security

Ex 3) Mother: "Why is the fridge empty? I just went
Girl: "oops."

Ex 4) Girl: You just don't hold my hand or stare longingly at
me anymore, all you want to do is makeout.
Boy: This is because of those Dramas isn't it? You
have a problem.
by K-Death May 22, 2012
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VERY addictive soap operas...
which is taking over surrounding asian countries...

one of them created korean-boom in japan
that drew obssesive japanese women to korea

once you watch Korean Drama, you will never be able to get out of it
by korean_girl October 1, 2006
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Exposes the ugliest side of South Korea's shallow and materialistic society. Plots are recycled from previous shows, making the storyline overly predictable.Usually the series are 20 episodes long, capable of putting one to sleep.

Women are often treated as property, and are daft enough to persistently follow the guy who treats them like shit through out the entire series. Men are often portrayed as yelling drunks and overly romantic pretty boys.

There is always a love triangle, if not a square, and there is always a difference in class between the characters.

Money is always involved, and love remains this superficial illusion.
by OppenheimerXXX July 11, 2008
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A euphimism for porn. Especially the kind Jeff watches.
"We're you up watching korean dramas AGAIN?"
by danielman July 29, 2006
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1. Watching Korean Dramas many episodes a day
2. marathons with friends
3. expecting your love life to be like in dramas (perfect)
4. dreaming about Korean boys
5. wondering what will happen next in the next episode
6. being excited and can't wait for the next episode of your current drama
7. searching up "Korean dramas like..." (ex. heartstrings, bof)
8. knowing what bof means
9. singing the ost of your favorite drama to sleep
10. announcing your addiction when in reality no one cares
11. saying "one more episode..." when you actually mean 5 more
12. looking up the cast from the drama you just finished and watching their other dramas
13. wanting a Goo Jun Pyo
14. being mad at Jan di (bof) for picking Jun Pyo and not Ji Hoo or happy that she picks Jun Pyo
15. Being a total Park Shin Hye fan and being jealous because of all the hot leads she got to work with
16. If all of these are you, you definitely have a kdrama addiction and what's the cure for kdrama fever? THERE IS NO CURE :)
Non Kdrama watcher: Ew, why are you watching that curly hair guy kiss that ugly dora haircut girl from boys over flowers
Non Kdrama Watcher: What's a Kdrama Addict?
Kdrama Addict: Korean drama Addict means that you spend too much time each day watching addictable dramas that will stay in your head for the rest of the day. Oh, also dreaming about Korean boys.
Non Kdrama Watcher: No Korean guys are cute bitch is u blind
Kdrama Addict: *shows non kdrama watcher a the first ep of exo next door with eng subs*
Non Kdrama Watchers:... I think I'll watch Kdramas now
Kdrama Addict: Mission Accomplished!
(The Next Week)
Kdrama Addict: How many dramas have you watched and which ones?
Kdrama non addict now addict: I have finished 5, BOF, Lie To Me, Heirs, Pinnocchio, and School 2015 but I have to wait for the next ep of school 2015 ughhhhh
Kdrama Addict: I taught u well
by moderndefinition.com May 21, 2015
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You must know what a Korean Drama is first: A Korean drama is a highly addictive form of serial entertainment that uses rollercoaster-like twists and cliffhanger endings to hook the audience. (In the Korean language, and have Korean actors, but you can find every drama with subs)

How you become addicted:
1. You have to watch a Korean movie first: 200 Pounds Beauty or 100 days with Mr. Arrogant
2. First drama you should watch Boys before flowers (boys over flowers) you can find it on utube or on mysoju.com. .
3. A few other ones that are good to start out with are...You're Beautiful, Personal Preference, and Princess Hours.

Once you become addicted, you begin to learn the pattern of things... and you can move on to more complex Korean dramas... For example Lie to Me is a great Korean drama, but it can be hard to understand the plot line.

Few ways to tell you’re addicted:
1. You began to fantasize about Korean Guys and marrying one
2. You Fallow every new Korean Drama that is coming out
3. You want to go to Korea
4. You think you love life is going to turn out the same way
5. You began to watch them with out English subs, even though you still don't know Korean
6. You begin to teach yourself Korean

Trick to watch Korean dramas:
1. You have to watch the first 3 episodes
2. English subs!!!
3. You have to watch them alone they sound really cheesy with other people
6. The hotter the guys the better (hot actors are...Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Lee Hong Ki, ex…)
Some one that talks like a Korean Drama Addict

- they are sooo hot...Did you hear about the new Korean drama coming out. Lee Min Ho is in it, I don't even know why people think Whites or Black people are hot when Asians are just so smexy! I'm going to beg my Mom to let me go to South Korea so I can club with hot Korean guys and live there for the rest of my eternity, and marry a Korean man. Oh, and I went on Yesstyle to buy 100 pieces of Korean clothing; yeah, all from Korea! Saranghe!
by 임신했습니까 July 6, 2011
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