a derrrriciousss form of rice! usually small, round ricelets that are yelllow and accompanied by some dericious vegetable.
ayyo that koos koos waz so beautifullly delicious i rolled around in it for a while.
by Anyaaa January 16, 2008
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A. Female DJ, DJ Koos Koos


B. Koos- Other wise known as "pussy"
A. oh, have you heard DJ KOOS KOOS?

B. I wanna get DAT koos koos
by datkooskooscaboose January 18, 2011
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🔥 A short COOL way of spelling or expressing COOL
🔥 How's it going? Its KoO
by ClassicRonnie December 4, 2019
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1. defining something or someone that is very unique and interesting
2. used sometimes to soothe awkward moments
also: koolr, koolst
"Wow! Your fit is so koo."
I think that I'm koolr than you, tho
by louafsique July 5, 2020
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Essentially means being wise to something, “in the know”, and generally understanding how things work. To “know the koo” is the same as to “know the score” in a situation. You can use it as “knowing the koo” or as being “koo’d up”. So, in London you might hear something like:
“You shouldn’t say stuff like that around here! You need to be more kood up!”

“Just follow him, he knows the koo.”
by Basskadet June 2, 2019
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That du rag be koo dawg.
by Wangsta November 19, 2003
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the middle eastern word for pussy.not to be mistaken for cous cous. it is a rather vulgar way to describe the vagina.
lad: yo bitch, blow me
chick: naaah kid not before you kiss my koos
by Bad Man Clint June 22, 2007
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