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🔥 A short COOL way of spelling or expressing COOL
🔥 How's it going? Its KoO
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by Indica Bro December 03, 2019
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The act of which the primary aim is to gain, regain or sustain social status, by partaking in an action that the individual perceives to be "cool".
Person A embarrasses Person B in front of Girl C that Person B is trying to impress/pull/shag etc.

(Hence being koo!)

Person B would then have licence to say: "Very Koo!"
by Sensini October 21, 2005
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the middle eastern word for pussy.not to be mistaken for cous cous. it is a rather vulgar way to describe the vagina.
lad: yo bitch, blow me
chick: naaah kid not before you kiss my koos
by Bad Man Clint June 22, 2007
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a person who is a total genius. These people have GPAs of 5.1. Even though there is a lack of koo-i-ness in people, they totally own any other random last names. Comes with a huge abnormally large head. Common sense not included.
Wow did you see how that smart guy walked into a wall and then crushed it with his abnormally large head, must be a koo.
by Pandapwnsyou December 23, 2010
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A Finnish version of foo or LOL, a default answer when someone pastes URL, but it's not enough for 'lolling'. Also something that is said when joining the channel or just at a random time as in the example below. Correct answer to köö is ... köö.
Köö can be also used as a part of a word, such as "öököö", meaning OK.
Captain Kirk's name is also sometimes spelt "Köök".
In fact, köö can mean anything.

Someone with handle "Kissa" invented the word 'köö' and it was first used in the IRC-channel #comrades in Quakenet, from where it started to slowly spread around. #comrades is still the main place of 'köökötys' (=kööking)
19:46:50 <@Kissa-> köö
19:46:59 <+Shilka> köö
by ultrix November 15, 2003
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Essentially means being wise to something, “in the know”, and generally understanding how things work. To “know the koo” is the same as to “know the score” in a situation. You can use it as “knowing the koo” or as being “koo’d up”. So, in London you might hear something like:
“You shouldn’t say stuff like that around here! You need to be more kood up!”

“Just follow him, he knows the koo.”
by Basskadet June 02, 2019
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